4 Tips to consider when traveling to Orlando and Disney during this new normal

Travel no longer will have the same flexibility as we used to enjoy in the past. People have been stuck to their localities for the last few months and they want to travel again. Exquisite Town Car would like to share a few tips with you when it comes to planning a trip to Orlando and with all the changes in a reopened Disney World. It really is a whole new world in and around the parks, so we’re bringing you everything you need to know to be an expert on your trip.

Here are your Fantastic 4 tips for your next trip to Orlando and Disney World in the age of this “new normal!”

1. Know the government restrictions both inside and outside of Florida.

First off, you need to be aware of government restrictions in and out of Florida. There’s a lot that’s different concerning how travel works right now. You need to be aware of the travel restrictions in different states. Several states have mandates in place requiring quarantine following a visit to Florida, so be sure to do your research before you head out.

You also need to be aware of ordinances and health mandates in the counties you’ll be visiting. For instance, if you are staying in Orange County, Florida (where Disney World is located), it currently has a face mask mandate. Make sure you’re following local instructions.

2. Disinfection

According to authorities, hotels and limo service providers present a particular risk during the global health crisis due to the fact that they are often shared by people from different locations.

Limo Services are often catering to different passengers during the course of the day. Therefore, it is valuable to check with limo companies if their vehicles are disinfected and how often.  Exquisite Town Car has measures in place where our chauffeurs are checked for temperature every day, vehicles are disinfected with Clorox and other disinfectants daily and the chauffeurs wear masks while transporting passengers.

Hotels are frequented by guests from all over as well. A hotel room is entered by housekeeping and other guests before you. It is always a good idea to disinfect your room. While the hotels have taken a lot of precautions, we ask you to pack enough supplies when you arrive. Bring along some disinfecting wipes, and baggies for things you don’t want to touch (like remotes or phones!). Having your own stash of portable cleaning supplies will make it a whole lot easier to feel comfortable in your room.

When visiting parks, you might want to disinfect each evening upon your return. Our recommendation would be to isolate any clothing, shoes, and gear you had with you during the day once you enter your room to limit possible contamination.

3. Wear a comfortable mask!

This advice is super important. You will be doing a lot of walking in the parks. We ask you to wear masks that are comfortable for you and your kids. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through your Disney day to find that the elastic straps are causing sore spots on the back of your ears, or your mask has a weird smell or feel when it’s in the heat for a while. The flow of Oxygen through the masks is essential.

Make sure that you are carrying extra masks in your bags just in case if the kids lose their in the park or if the strings go out loose on the masks.

4. Know all of the best outdoor dining options in Orlando!

Whether you are in the parks or the malls or plan on visiting restaurants, you make sure you know all of the best outdoor dining spots. According to the CDC, it’s considered safer to dine outside than it is to dine in an enclosed space so if you’re looking to keep risk levels as low as possible, it’s time to grab a meal out on a patio.